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Your Questions Answered: The Secrets to Better Health, Improved Stamina and Greater Vitality

When making the decision whether to go for a product or not, most of us have many questions that must be answered first. I hope I have anticipated yours, but if not, please with any queries and I will try to answer them for you before your purchase.

Shouldn't I just go for a walk instead?
Absolutely YES! If you're fit enough to walk around the park or up and down the office carpark, go ahead, grab every ounce of sunshine you can get and enjoy it. If you're a regular jogger, so much the better.

When you get home or back to the office, a short stretching and joint mobility session, using the Exercise in a Chair program, will work wonders for your long term health care.

Think about it for a minute. What is it that happens to joints when they dry up, stiffen, harden and generally degenerate through lack of use? Like a rusty door hinge they creak, and groan, and move, one jolt at a time, until metal fatigue snaps the pin or pulls the screws out.

Your joints aren't really that different, because lack of movement causes the lubricants that surround them (synovial fluid) to thicken and acidify. What do you call it when your joints go acid and eat away at your bones? Arthritis.

Just a few minutes each day? Is this enough?
Yes, most studies show that a few minutes is all it takes for you to get your quota of exercise. Each track is only 23 minutes long. Plenty long enough for you to increase your joint flexibility and reduce any joint pain that may be the product of reduced movement. Then if that inspires you to go for a walk, short or long, so much the better. But bear in mind, it could be necessary to build up to that point. You don't want to rush in and break something.

You keep saying exercise will give me energy, but shouldn't it make me more tired?
You'd think so wouldn't you? No it doesn't! Exercise energises the body and makes you feel great. It's over-exercise that leaves you injured and exhausted.

When you are in pain, you tend to slow down, or move in such a way that you avoid painful joints and muscles. Over time that creates lethargy and stagnation. Lack of movement creates stiffness, acidity, toxicity, more pain and conglutination in both joints and muscles. How does this make you feel? Yes, that's right, exhausted....

Making the gentle movements outlined in Exercise in a Chair, helps to clean the joints, clear the muscles of toxicity, oxygenates the tissues and fibres and yes, makes you feel more energetic than before.

Everytime I start a new exercise program I have to give up because I injure myself. Won't this just be the same?
NO! Exercise in a Chair is very gentle and you take it at your own pace. Many people who want, or need to exercise, lose weight, gain muscle mass, or recover from disease or injury, dive in at the deep end, thinking 'more is better', or 'no pain, no gain', and end up hurting themselves. Toes hurt, ankles, hurt, calves hurt, knees hurt, hips hurt or they get backache. They may even have a combination of these things.

This is why Exercise in a Chair is such a perfect place to start! You move and lubricate all these body parts first. Let me tell you about why your car engine eventually wears out. All the inlet and outlet valves are driven by a camshaft, which needs constant oiling. If your car has been left standing for any length of time, the oil drains down into the sump, and in lots of engines, leaves the camshaft high and dry.

When you start the engine the camshaft spins and the valves move, effectively dry, until the engine fires and the sump oil pump starts delivering oil to the camshaft via a long line of adjacent oil outlets which lubricate it. That initial start up does more damage to the camshaft than the next 100 miles or so of driving.

If you walk out of your front door and launch yourself up the road in your running shoes, or tear into any form of exercise, what are you doing? It's like starting your engine and driving off in a hurry, rather than waiting for oil to pump around the system. Much better to start the engine and just let it tick over for a few seconds before moving off. I'm sure you get the idea here. Your gentle Exercise in a Chair routine is designed to keep your joints lubricated and healthy. Then if you want to do more, you can.

But I'm overweight and exercise hurts. Will this help?
If you consider yourself overweight right now, it's not unusual for exercise to hurt. Sometimes that's due to a reduced mobility causing a disturbance in the joints and muscles, stirring up acidity or other toxicity that are the product of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. At other times, it's because in a moment of desperation, or trying to do more than you're ready for, you may perhaps overdo it in the early stages.

Start off small and short. Make this a regular event. Gradualy cleanse the joints and muscles and cells. As they become healthier and more flexible you can start to build up your times and motivation. If you do this correctly, it will surprise you greatly just how quickly this happens. It may even inspire you to greater and greater things.

Will Exercise in a Chair help me lose weight?
In the grand scheme of things, not a great deal, but there is no doubt you will consume a number of calories toward your daily usage. Perhaps what's more important is that the Exercise in a Chair program is designed to help you increase your flexibility, to stop the pain signals that cause us all to slow down and sometimes even stop.

Once that happens you'll get to the point where you really want to get up and dance, walk, run and move around. Now you can start burning calories faster than you're consuming them, and if you do that, you'll lose weight. It really is that simple: consume less calories than you're eating and you'll lose weight - guaranteed!

When I am flexible and have more stamina, how can I go on to continue making progress and improvement?
That is a really good question because increasing demand is the best and only way to continue to make improvements once you start an exercise program. But this needn't be intensive. Increasing demand MUST be gradual so that you create increased capacity in the body to do more, and want to do more. This avoids injury, burn out and despondency.

When you are ready, hold a half kilo dumbell in your hand, or a tin of beans (unopened), and use that to make your arm work a little harder. Increase to a one kilo dumbell some weeks later. This is manageable and sustainable progress. You can purchase a product online called a 'Theraband', which is essentially a length of elastic, and you can use this to add resistance when doing the arm and leg movements. Remember, gentle progress is perfect progress.

Is this suitable for office workers?
Absolutely! I see this as a major benefit to office workers because you can simply save the wav file or mp3 on your desktop and everytime you have a cuppa or a short break, you can double click the file and do the exercises in your chair while you're play it over your computer speakers. This is perfect preparation for going to the gym, or walking around the office or building where you work.

The best part is that the mp3, which is instant download, only costs 1 per track. There are 3 tracks on the CD. The same exercises, but just with different music for each track, so when you fancy a change, just switch to track 2 or 3 as and when you want too. If one employee likes the track they have downloaded, and encourages collegues to buy one of the other tracks, I am more than happy for them to share them around their immediate office, for variety and to maintain interest.

I only ask that these not be shared outside of your immediate office, as they are still copyright of myself and The Haven Healing Centre. Instead I hope that you will share the url of the home page or the order page and promote it to your friends and collegues in other parts of the company, or indeed to other companies. The quicker we get this out there, the faster we can do something about the awful condition that is going through offices like a raging fire, that is 'Computer Syndrome'.

Never heard of 'Computer Syndrome', what is it?
It's something I see very regularly at The Haven Healing Centre, something which requires massage, relaxation, different styles of therapy and other forms of help to overcome. Symptoms include stiff neck and shoulders, eye strain, painful facial muscles, soreness in the elbows, wrists, hands and fingers, ganglions, muscle strain, painful legs, poor leg and hip circulation (both blood and lymph), and the biggest one of all, lower lumbar pain.

If you work in an office, you may recognize all or some of these yourself, or know someone you work with who is suffering from a selection from this list. All you need to do is look at this list of symptoms to see how many of them are attacks to the joints and limbs, bones and fluids. They are all caused by stagnation and strain. Exercise in a Chair is a simple and gentle counter action to all of these symptoms, and when done regularly can reverse or have a positive effect on all of these symptoms. Please order today and tell all of your friends about it. Maybe you will send me your testimonial when you have seen how much improvement you have made toward a happier and healthier you.

How long do I have to wait before I start to see progress in my mobility?
How long is a politicians promise? Not long! The moment you start moving more than you have been previously, you will start to make progress. The quality of that progress will depend on how you tackle your own mindset when it comes to the effort you put in. If your belief system says, 'No Pain, No Gain', then you will go at it like a bat out of hell and hurt yourself. This usually means you stop exercising while you recover, conclude that it is a load of rubbish and not for you.

On the other hand, you start off slowly and gently, gathering strength, flexibility and stamina over days and weeks. Then plan to make progress by increasing effort with your renewed vigour. Who knows where you can end up? Certainly a lot healthier, that much is obvious. But if there has ever been anything you really wanted to do and were not able up to now, having a goal is probably the biggest motivation you can ever have.

Exercise in a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Stretch arm out, up and to the right

Exercise in a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Turn head and look to the left

Exercise in a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Shrug shoulders up towards the ears

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