Exercise in a Chair by Phil Chave
Gentle Exercises for Extra Health, Mobility & Vitality

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Pictures of the Exercise in a Chair routine. This is Page 3 = from 8m - 12m

Visit the other pages: Page 1 - 0m - 4m. Page 2 - 4m - 8m. Page 4 - 12m - 16m. Page 5 - 16m - 20m. Page 6 - 20m - 23m.

raise clenched fists  slowly raise fists  up to chin level

raise elbows and rotate  feet down raise toes  feet down raise heels

engage hand movement with toes  build up a bit of a rhythm  squeeze fingers and toes

release and open  rotate wrist and hands  thumb stretch

stretch index finger  stretch middle finger  stretch ring finger

stretch little finger  hook hands and pull apart  hook hands and pull apart

palms together and squeeze  legs apart lean forward  slowly raise yourself up

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