Exercise in a Chair by Phil Chave
Gentle Exercises for Extra Health, Mobility & Vitality

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The Exercise in a Chair CD

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How to contact us with enquiries, or where to send your order by post:-
Philip Chave (exerciseinachair.co.uk)
The Orchard
Draycott Rd
BS27 3RU

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Please, if you have any questions, write to me, and I will do my best to answer them. Or, visit the questions page where I have tried to anticipate one or two things you may be wondering about. Thank you.

Here's one question: I am Matron of a retirement home. Do I have to buy a CD license for each of my residents, or can I play a single purchase CD through the lounge sound system to a large group people all at once (like in a multi-license agreement)?

Answer: Yes, that is absolutely fine, because I think it is a brilliant idea! Can you imagine the benefit this would bring to thousands, even millions of our precious elderly if they were to do this every day? What better way for them to spend their time than to maintain and improve their health and mobility? Find a time everyday, probably the same time for consistency, switch off that mindless daytime TV and get everyone doing this. I'll bet they'll love you for it!

Does your mum or dad live in a retirement home or retirement village? If you see them slowing down, or worse, grinding to a halt, you can help them by sending them this CD and even gently going through it with them until they start to gain more strength and energy. They gave you the gift of life, why not do the same for them?

Discover the secret of painfree joints and muscles in just a few minutes a day
          Know what it feels like to be free of aching limbs and extremities, by improving your circulation
                      Enjoy greater flexibility, improved stamina and a better quality of life
                                  Order your CD today; make those changes happen for you NOW!

The 10 secrets to easily and successfully achieve greater freedom from joint pain and stiffness in the shortest time

1. Ignorance is not bliss. Absolutely not! We all know that once we slow down and the ache sets in, it is just a matter of time before everything hurts. You can avoid this by taking small amounts of regular exercise every day. Your Exercise in a Chair sequence is designed to keep you mobile and painfree.

2. Measure up. Think you can't do this? There is usually only one or two reasons why you can't help yourself. One, very often it's just a case of 'can't be bothered'. Two, there is something physically wrong that prevents strong exercise or long walks. However, there are hundreds of reasons why you should do this every day. Exercise in a Chair is designed to be done whilst sitting on a chair, so if you can't stand, that's no excuse. It only lasts 20 minutes, so you could do it during a couple of advert breaks if you really wanted too.

3. Learn everything you can. It's your body and your mind! Don't let them stagnate until they are of no longer any use to you. People do crosswords and sudoko because it keeps their mind active. Why not do the same for your body? Exercise in a Chair is simple to learn, quick to perform, and effective in practice.

4. Understand it is a matter of time. Age happens to us all, and I'm beginning to understand that also means me. Shame! Because we see people around us falling into disrepair, pain, disease and breakdown, we seem to be more than compliant when the same thing heads our way. 'Well it's my age, what do you expect?'. But that's just not true. WE ARE NOT DESIGNED TO WITHER AND DIE! We are designed to live and be productive and contribute, which we can only do if we look after our only means of transport, our joints and limbs, our minds and our bodies.

5. Be specific. Exercise in a Chair is designed to specifically target the muscles and joints, the very bits that sieze up when they are not used often, or enough. We are a bit like a rusty hinge; a little bit of oil and a few swings of the door and it's right as rain again. But what happens if you don't do that? Eventually, you try to open it and it snaps, breaks or rips out the screws. Can we see any similarities here?

6. Take action. Nothing works if you fail to take action! Exercise in a Chair gives you a seriously easy and time effective way to take action.

7. Model success. The best way to succeed is to model someone else who has already done the work. Exercise in a Chair is available now, all you have to do is play the CD and follow the simple instructions from the comfort of your chair. Remember, practice makes perfect.

8. Decide and start NOW!. The longer you leave it, the less mobile you become over time and the more pain you will eventually have to endure. You know this is true, just look at the people around you who are worse off than you. Reversing that trend is simple if you start today.

9. Don't delay. Take action NOW! There it is, that 'NOW' word again. No matter what age you are now, a snippet of a youngster, or a Grand Centerary, it's never too late to make a start and to make improvements in your mobility, stamina, and enjoyment of life. NOW's the time to start on the road to recovery. Order your CD NOW and make all the difference!

10. Transform your life as soon as today! That's the promise of the previous 9 success strategies.

Exercise in a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Extend the leg and flex the foot

Exercise with a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Hold chair and raise a leg behind you

Exercise with a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Hold the chair and raise the other leg

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