Exercise in a Chair by Phil Chave
Gentle Exercises for Extra Health, Mobility & Vitality

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No More Painful Joints. No More Aching Limbs. Enjoy Greater Flexibility and Improved Stamina

The Exercise in a Chair CD

Are you stiff and in pain? Do your muscles ache? Do you have tight muscles that make it difficult to move?

If you sit for any length of time, do you find it difficult to get going again? Millions of people love walking, but fear if they go too far they will struggle to get back again. Is this you? Do you wish you could do more? Do you want to do more?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then in just 20mins Exercise in a Chair could be the answer you've been waiting for.

The benefits: Each and everyone of us could benefit from moving more. That's one of the reasons there is so much pain in the world, WE DON'T MOVE ENOUGH! Our bodies were designed to move, not to sit still at a computer, or an office desk, or watching TV, or playing computer games. And yet we persist in doing such things because they can be fun. But it's at the expense of our health, our joints, our body PH and our sanity.

Just a few minutes each day
Exercise in a Chair is designed to give you back flexibility in your joints in just a few short minutes. When joints are inactive they become sore. If joints are also acidic and congested, they become oxygen poor and painful.

Exercise in a Chair is the gentle way to get those joints moving again. Moving joints are healthy joints. They don't have time to lock down and they don't have fluid around them that stagnates, conglutinates, and becomes acidic.

A moving joint demands that the body lubricate it with wonderful, oxygenated, clean, alkalyzing fluid. A type of WD-40 for your joints.

For those who supplement to help painful joints, your Exercise in a Chair routine will gently drive these supplements in and around your joints, where they are needed most, and not just skirting around the outside because the joint is too congested for the beneficial properties of the supplement to do its job.

So what EXACTLY do I have to do?
Sit in a chair. Play any one of the 22 minute tracks on the CD and just follow the instructions. All the exercises are in REAL TIME, meaning you don't have to pause the CD or race to catch up. Just follow along at your own pace. Temporarily miss out exercises that cause you any difficulty (as you become more flexible, no doubt you will be able to include them later), but each and every movement has been analyzed and judged to be both useful, energizing and non-damaging.

Is this suitable for office workers?
Absolutely! I see this as a major benefit to office workers because you can simply save the wav file or mp3 on your desktop and everytime you have a cuppa or a short break, you can double click the file and do the exercises in your chair while you're playing it over your computer speakers. Why not turn it up and let everyone join in? This is perfect preparation for going to the gym, or walking around the office or building where you work.

Office staff can find themselves chained to a desk for hour after hour, day after day. Moving around regularly helps to keep your joints from drying out and can help you enjoy a nice brisk walk during your lunch breaks. Even if the weather is rubbish and you can't walk outside, you can still play the copy on your desktop and exagerate the movements to simulate a more vigorous routine. Offices that are also fun places are more productive and make less mistakes. If your boss can't see that, buy them their own copy and put it on their desktop. See if that changes their mind.

Who else can benefit from doing your Exercise in a Chair program?
This may not suit you if you go dancing 3x a week, you're probably supple and nimble enough already. This is for people who find it difficult to get around in their daily lives, are recovering from illness or from a time when their mobility has been compromised. This is for people who sieze up when they stop for any length of time, or suffer from limb or joint pain.

If you hate walking, jogging, running or dancing, but still need to remain supple, then this is ideal for you. This is for people who have breathing difficulties (asthma or COPD for example). This is for people who have a heart condition and need to follow a gentle exercise regime. If you've taken a tumble and need to rehabilitate, then the Exercise in a Chair program may be just what you need to make that happen in a realistic timescale.

Please visit the order page to purchase your copy on CD or as mp3.

Note: I am sat over to one side because when I came to edit the pictures I noticed my lazy cat, Teddy (18yrs old), was crashed out on the decking soaking up the lovely sunshine and I thought I'd leave her in the pictures.

Exercise in a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Clench fists, bend elbows, raise

Exercise in a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Raise elbows up level with shoulders

Exercise in a Chair

Exercise in a Chair

Raise legs until on tiptoes

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